Turn Paper Clutter into a Money Saver!

Do you have tons of paper clutter? If you have kids, then I'm sure you do. And if you don't have kids? Then I'm sure you have plenty of paper clutter anyway.

Between our two kids and our mail, the amount of paper that enters our home on a daily basis is pretty alarming. Really.

Normally it would all head to our recycling pile (mountain!). Unless we can find a way to repurpose it!

Turn paper clutter into a money saver, scrap paper, make your own note tablet

I'm sure you've heard the old tip to flip paper over and use the blank side as scrap paper for notes or lists. Well I've taken it a step further!

Cut up that scrap paper and staple it together to create handy little note tablets! They don't even have to be perfect, I promise.

make your own note tablets, paper clutter, reuse paper

I usually cut my paper into quarters, but you could cut them to any size that you'd like, to make your note tablets bigger or smaller. About 3 full pages, cut into 12 quarter sheets makes a nice sized tablet.

make your own note tablets, paper clutter, reuse paper, paper notes

So handy and pretty much free, except for the cost of a staple, which is negligible!