Some Bloggy Housekeeping

This week so far I've been working on a few bloggy housekeeping tasks.  Hoping to make the site just a tad more user friendly!

If you happen to notice anything acting/looking wonky, please let me know!

What I've done so far:

1. Reinstalled Intense Debate with Comment Luv

I already had this, but just realized that when I redesigned the site in January, it had gotten deleted. Anyway, it's back and makes commenting and replying to comments SO much easier. Also, if you're a blogger, Comment Luv will link your last blog post when you comment! Yay!

2.  Made my blog images pinnable for Pinterest! 

You'll notice if you hover over an image, you'll be given the option to Pin It to one of your Pinterest boards. I just recently started using Pinterest, so this is all new to me. Yes, I'm very late to the game ;)

3.  Updated my social media buttons on my sidebar

My old buttons were getting kind of outdated and boring to me.  Plus I needed to add buttons for Bloglovin and Pinterest since I'm using those now.

So that's it. Just some light housekeeping.  I have a few more tasks that I hope to accomplish within the next week or so. Again, if you notice anything that's not quite right, just let me know, ok? Thanks!!