Five Frugal Friday Things

Welcome to Frugal Friday! In an effort to concentrate on being wise with our spending and saving, each Friday I'm sharing some of our latest frugal efforts or activities here on the blog.

1.  My daughter often comes home from Girl Scouts with plastic zipper baggies with her name printed on them, containing newly earned patches for her uniform. I always save the baggies and today used two of them when she needed money for two seperate things at school.

2.  Paid all of our bills online. I do this every month and hardly ever buy checks, stamps or envelopes!

3.  We've finally had some nice weather days here in New Jersey, so every day after school we've been playing at the playground. Yay for free entertainment :)

4.  My kids have been bringing home massive quantities of notices and returned papers from school. So I've been busy turning my paper clutter into a money saver!

5.  The Hubby and I have been rewatching the series 24, on Netflix, since we ditched our cable once again.  We originally cancelled cable TV in 2012. We only had it back for a short time with a promotion that gave us both cable and internet for cheaper than we were paying for our internet alone. Once that promo was up, we cut the cable again.