Do-It-Yourself Pirate Themed Party Decor

*This post originally appeared in February 2012. I thought it was a worthy repeat and I've posted an update at the end.*

DIY Pirate themed party decorationsAbout a month ago our son turned 4 and had requested a pirate themed party.  We don't usually go all out with decorations, since it's just us and a few extended family members.  But we always let the birthday child pick a theme for plates, napkins and a few decorations.

So we were out at the party store looking for pirate decorations when I had a brilliant idea. We could decorate using some of the pirate toys that he already had instead of buying cheap (but pricey)  decorations to use only once.

This is what we came up with.....

DIY pirate themed party decorations
Pirate ships and Mickey pirate figures as centerpiece 
 DIY pirate themed party decorations
Pirate booty in treasure chest 
DIY pirate themed party decorations
Eye patches and earrings
DIY pirate themed party decorations
Pirate hat, sword and booty
So where did all this come from? The pirate ships, pirate Mickey Mouse figures and pirate hat are my son's toys that he already had.  The tablecloth, gold coins, eye patches & earrings, and the sword were bought for the party.  I sprang for the tablecloth because it was large enough to cut and cover both of our tables.... the main one and our kiddie one!

The 'treasure chest' is really a trinket type box that I've had around for years, and worked perfectly for this!  Oh and the beaded necklaces in the pirate booty are toys that my kids have had.

Although we did make a few purchases for the party, many of them will be reused because my son has also decided that he wants to be a pirate for Halloween this year.  So we didn't mind paying for the sword, eye patches and earrings since they'll be part of his (mostly homemade) costume!  Way to stretch our dollars!

Update 2/5/14:  My son did end up being a pirate for Halloween that year and used several of these items for his costume and added them to the pieces that I made for him and some that he already had. All the pirate items were also played with alot around our house since that party. So the few purchases we made, were definitely worth it!

Have you done any do it yourself party decorating like this?  Or have you made your own party decorations?  Tell me about it!