Easy DIY Button Headbands

DIY Button Headband craft
My daughter, age 7, has a bunch of plain plastic headbands from the dollar store. I've been wanting to fancy-up some of them for awhile, just to make them a little special.

I had actually thought about buying some flowers or making bows to put on some of the headbands, but money has been tight and I didn't really want to spend anything on them. So in true frugal style, I looked at what I already had on hand.

I had lots of buttons from a few other crafts, so voila, Button Headbands!
DIY button headband craft

I grabbed my glue gun and a handful of buttons and whipped these up in just about a minute. SO easy. And super cute!

I am loving these button headbands. They are obviously a very easy DIY hair accessory project. But I also love that I can make them specifically to color match certain outfits. How great is that?!?!
DIY button headband craft

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Jenna Brussee said...

Aww this is adorable! Looks like an easy DIY project.

Sue said...

Oh love these headbands because when my daughter was little I made her an elastic band bracelet with buttons on it and the kids liked it so I made a few more for them. Have a really nice weekend.

ARod Rodriguez said...

very cute thanks so much for linking up to Meet the Neighbors

Diann said...

That's so cute. And a fun DIY project!

Lina said...

Stopping by from the MaMade Blog Hop! I love this project and have pinned it!


Michelle Williams said...

These are so cute!! I love DIY stuff like this :) Thanks for linking up at the MaMade Blog Hop! I hope you're having a great weekend :)

Ruth said...

Fab idea! I have 2 boys, but I'm always looking for ideas for gifts for girls in the family or friends. Will definitely give this a go. I found you through #pintorials at Crafts on Sea :)

Kate Williams said...

I love quick crafts :) These look great too! Thanks for linking with Tuesday Tutorials