Saving Money WITHOUT Coupons - 7 Easy Steps

Lots of blogs dish out great coupon scenarios for getting household and beauty products for free or super cheap. But the problem I've always had with them is that I have absolutely NO desire to run to several different stores to get the things we need.

Actually I have no desire to go to any stores... at all. Ha.

I also have gotten frustrated when I have go to a store and they are sold out of that product and there I just wasted my time and gas to drive there and I leave empty-handed.  Not fun.

Plus, I'm a huge fan of conquering as many tasks at once as possible and driving as infrequently as possible. This does not mesh well with having to chase down deals at several stores.

Anyway, I didn't want to deal with all that so I had to come up with a way to get what we needed, but also still save money.  Without the hassle.

So I turned to shopping online.  I can chase down all the deals I want, without leaving home. This is what works for me....

7 Easy Steps to Save Money Without Coupons

1. Gotta Love Amazon
I buy most things on Amazon.com as they often have the lowest prices. Also, as long as you meet the minimum order, many things will ship for free!  Just be sure to do price comparisons because although they almost always have the lowest prices, sometimes they get crazy and mark something super high.

2. Subscribe & Save
On Amazon, I purchase most things through their Subscribe & Save program. This entitles you to an extra 10% off. You can easily cancel or change your subscribed items at ANY time! If you have five or more items subscribed in that month, you get 15% off instead!!

3. Watch the Prices
Watch for the lowest prices. Amazon prices change all the time. From day to day and even throughout the day. I buy when the price is low and stock up, even if I don't need the item quite yet. This way I'm not caught off guard when we're all out of something and I'm not forced to pay more.

4. Price Comparisons
I also watch the prices of several things on Drugstore.com and Walmart.com. Sometimes their prices are better or they have items that aren't available on Amazon. They also deliver super fast if you're in need of something quickly. Both also offer free shipping as long as you meet the minimums.

5. Don't Pay for Shipping
Always take advantage of the free shipping offers. I NEVER pay for shipping. If I only need one item and it's value is not enough for free shipping, I wait until I have a longer list. Try to think ahead to what you will need in the next month and see if it's offered at a good price.

6. Electronic Coupons
Drugstore.com and Amazon.com both offer coupons that you can use on certain products. If they are available, they will be in the same area as the product price. You simply click the box and the coupon is redeemed in your cart. Drugstore.com also offers coupons for a % or $ amount off your order on occasion, so watch for those.

7. Cash Back Bonus
When shopping online, always get the very most for your money.... and then get cash back for your shopping. Be sure to shop through Ebates, Mr.Rebates or Shop At Home for your cash back bonuses!

This is what works for me. It saves me a tremendous amount of time. It saves me money.  And it sure keeps my sanity in check :)

Are you an online shopper too?  Or do you find it worth it to physically go to several stores to snag the good deals?
Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I'm simply posting about what sites I use and what works well for me.  I have included a few affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I get a small commission that helps keep Tips & Treasures running. Thanks! If you wish not to purchase through them, you can always visit those sites on your own.