Hello 2014 & Back to Blogging!

So I took an entire year (plus some!) off from blogging.  So basically, I have no readers left, but I'm sure hoping to change that :) If you're an old reader here, thanks for keeping with me.  If you're a new reader, welcome!

I use this little old blog to post all my tips for making or saving money, bit by bit.  Like sharing my finds for freebies, rebates, coupons, and awesome deals as well as my ways to make a little extra income from home. 

I am a stay-at-home mom to two kiddos, ages 5 and 7, so I love finding ways to bring in little bits of cash flow here and there.  Some of the tactics I use and blog about are taking surveys online, points/rewards programs, affiliate income from blogging and selling odds and ends on Craigslist. None of it will make you rich, but its the little bits that can add up to a nice little treasure! Hence the name, Tips & Treasures!

One of the things I've done in the past, was to keep a weekly record of all my coupon savings as well as my earnings from various income streams.  These Weekly Updates aren't recording huge amounts of money of course, but it's nice to see how they add up at the end of the year. It definitely shows that the work is worth it, atleast to me it is.

So anyway, I'd like to get back into my Weekly Updates for the new year.  Feel free to travel along with me and keep tabs on your own savings and earnings!

More to come very soon :)