Good Housekeeping & Woman's Day Magazines FREE for 1 year

Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day magazine subscriptions free for one year with Recyclebank points
I love my magazines and I have 8 or 9 subscriptions... but... here's my secret....

I only pay for one of them.

Yup.  I pay for my All You subscription because that is one of the magazines that isn't offered for free and I love it, so I have to have it.  I try to make sure I get an awesome deal on that subscription though.

Anyway... that is why I love the magazine freebies!  And right now at Recyclebank, you can score a 1-year subscription to BOTH Good Housekeeping AND Woman's Day for just 240 points!!!  That is one amazing deal right there.

You are a member of Recyclebank, right?  If not, you can join and quickly earn the points needed for this deal!  I promise, it's all very easy and, better yet, it's FREE!

What is Recyclebank?

Well it's a free site that rewards you for learning how to live green.  You simply watch slideshows or videos to learn about recycling, sustainable living & reducing your footprint.  And for each quick activity you complete, you gain points.  Trade your points in for cool stuff... like those free magazine subscriptions!

Get started with Recyclebank here.  You'll earn 30 points upon sign-up!  Then click the Home tab and wait for the banner to scroll to "Your Top 10 Faves of 2013".  Do that activity and earn an easy 100 points.  Then check out the banner for " 2014 - Tips for the Year Ahead". Do that one and earn another 100 points!  See how easy that is!

After you complete those, you can click on the "Earn Points" tab to find a bunch more easy activites.  Do one or two of those to bring you up to the 240 points needed for your two free magazine subscriptions. To redeem, click the Get Rewards tab.  


Disclosure:  If you join using my link, I will get 25 points for referring you.  Once you join, you can refer friends, family or whoever and you'll get bonus points too!