Credit Card Debt: Final Update!

Over the past few years, we've been tackling our credit card debt.  At our highest point, we had over $13,000 in credit card debt.  Insane, I know!

We made a bunch of changes in our lifestyle and really committed to paying down the debt.  I blogged through it all and you can read those monthly updates here if you wish.

Anyway, when I left off in September of 2012, we still had $2,075 left to pay off.  It was spread out on three credit cards, each with 0% interest, so yay, atleast we hadn't been paying interest for quite awhile.

I'm so super happy to report that we have totally and completely paid that credit card debt off!!!  We spent all of 2013 with absolutely no credit card debt hanging over our heads!  It was awesome.

We still use credit cards, mainly for the rewards programs or discounts through them, but we pay them off every single month.  And I check our balance every day so that I'm always aware of what we're spending.  If I think we're spending a bit too much, then we cut back and reign things in for the rest for the month.

It's obviously not a plan for everyone.  Some people may find that they can't stay within their means and might prefer to deal in cash.  But for us, it works.  We haven't paid a dime in credit card interest for over a year now!

If only I could say the same about our mortgage, car loan and two student loans.  It's a process!  More on those later.

Have you been working on paying off credit card debt as well?  Do you find that you need to go cash only to stick to your budget?