Library Freebies

I love summer time.  I love having the kiddos home with me, even if they do drive me insane sometimes. 

We try to plan lots of fun stuff to do and places to go all summer.  Of course, planning so much to do gets pretty expensive.  So we often look for free events in our area.  I figure, if we can take part in enough free events, it sort of balances out when we have to shell out lots of cash for other things.

My kiddos love to read or be read to.  So we visit our library every week or two.  It's nice just to be somewhere with free air conditioning! Besides looking for books to checkout, we also hang out for awhile.  The kids sit and read books or I read to them and they do puzzles. Oh and our library just got a puppet theatre, so the kids love playing with that.

We are lucky in that our library does many activites and hosts many events for kids... and they recently just started hosting even more!  So super excited about that... because it's all free! 

In the past few weeks we've taken advantage of several of their children's activities.  We met a children's book author and the dog that her books are based on, while they put on a little show.  And even had snacks that were provided as well! 

We also went to an activity time at the library where the kids got to color pictures, play games, do puzzles and then had ice cream donated by Cold Stone Creamery.  So much fun! 

Then another day, we went to a picnic at the library with story time and free lunch donated by Chick-fil-A!  They also got a goody bag with a snack, stickers and coupons to local places!  One of the coupons that they each received was for a free kids' meal at Applebees!  Score!

It's also great that right across the street from our library, is a little playground.  So we usually end our library visit with a trip to the playground for some outdoor fun!  It's also a great incentive to keep them quiet while in the library ;)

Our library also offers weekly storytime at a local Chick-fil-A. We haven't done that one yet, but may do that one of these days. I just wish they had the storytime right at the library instead since it's closer and I don't want to feel like we need to buy lunch from there just because we're there. You know?

So excited about these new opportunities!  It's great to have lots of fun, local stuff to keep the kids busy.  And of course, all of it being free makes it that much better!

What does your library have to offer?  What other fun free stuff do you take part in during the summer?