May Credit Card Debt Recap

Have you been following along as we've been paying off our credit card debt

We've been at it for about a year and a half now.  We started documenting our progress in January of 2011 with over $13,000 to pay off.  By making our journey publicly, we wanted to hold ourselves accountable and we were hopeful to inspire others.

Here's my latest monthly recap and you'll see we've finally paid off the last of our major credit card debt!!!

At the beginning of May, our credit card totals looked like this:

CitiCard1 - $0
CitiCard2 (0%) - $2,100.00
Total - $2,100.00

And then at the end of May, our totals looked like this:

CitiCard1 - $0
CitiCard2 (0%) - $0
Total - $0

Woohoooo!  We were very fortunate to receive some money in May that had been owed to us and combined that with our state tax refund.

I am so incredibly happy to have this debt paid off.  It's a huge burden lifted from our lives and I want to remember this feeling forever.  I don't want to ever put this kind of strain on ourselves again.  And I don't think it'll be an issue in the future.

What got us into this mess was needing to do construction on our home when I was pregnant with our second child.  We had two useless bedrooms in the upstairs of our home.  They were poorly constructed and uninsulated.  And there was no heat or a/c up there either.  So pretty much useless, except for storage.  It was an absolute necessity to fix all of that and we didn't have the money.  So, it was all put on a credit card.

After struggling for a year and a half to pay that off, we are now intent on staying credit card debt free!

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