March-April Credit Card Debt Recap

We started 2011 with $13,402.24 on our credit cards, worked super hard all year at paying them off and started 2012 with just $3,600.00 left to pay off.  We're trying to pay that off by November when the 0% interest promotion ends.  Follow along to see if we make it!

So how did we do these past two months with paying off our credit card balances? Here's my latest recap of March and April, and you'll see we're chugging right along.

At the beginning of March, our credit card totals looked like this:

CitiCard1 - $0
CitiCard2 (0%) - $3,400.00
Total - $3,400.00

And then at the end of April, our totals looked like this:

CitiCard1 - $0
CitiCard2 (0%) - $2,800.00
Total - $2,100.00

Yay, we paid off a total of $1,300.... $600 in March and $700 in April!!! 

If we could keep this up, we could certainly pay this off by November.  But with this impending drop of income looming over us like a dark cloud, we're really unsure how things are going to play out. I guess we'll see.  But yay for great progress!

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