Do It Yourself: Custom Wall Art

Framed wall art can get pretty pricey, even when you catch it on sale.  So when we moved my son into his new bedroom, we left the walls mostly empty for a little while.

I finally got tired of looking at the blank walls and decided to make my own custom wall art... super cheap! 

I found some cheap frames at the dollar store so I grabbed four of those.  So then I just needed some actual art to put in them. 

I thought about printing a few of our photos from our frequent trips to the zoo because the theme of his room is safari animals.  But then I remember this old book of animal pictures and facts that had been passed on to us ....

This book sat on our bookcase and we never used it for anything.  So I picked out four pictures that would fit perfectly in my frames...

And volia!  They turned out great!  And cost me a measly $4.28!  Wow, what a savings considering that if I bought framed art, I would have paid $10-$20, or more, for each one!

Notice that I ended up swapping two of the pictures out... and I'm not even sure why.  I actually did this project quite awhile ago and just realized I never posted about it.  My brain's getting fuzzy in it's old age. Ha.

Anyway, I'm definitely pleased with the results of my custom wall art and my little guy was super excited to get these up on his wall! 

This was a super easy project that took just a few minutes and was super cheap as well -  all around win!