Organizing Project: Before & After

So in 2012, I want to try and get more organized.  I'm already pretty darn organized around here, but there are a few areas that I want to tackle.

One area is my paper clutter.  My day to day paper clutter is under control, it's all the saved papers that I need to file away that are in a chaotic pile on my desk.  Anyway, that project is for another day.

For now, I wanted to tackle my son's bedroom closet.  Specifically a 3-drawer cart that contained (or didn't really contain) my kiddos' coloring books, scrap drawing paper and Play-Doh. 

Notice the chaos in the drawers and all over the floor
And more clutter on top
And even more clutter off to the side
The main problem with this 3-drawer cart is that it eventually got too small for the amount of storage we needed.  So stuff got piled up on top and then it would fall off and cover the floor all around it.  Also, the drawers did not slide easily, so it was a pain to open and close.  So, I think many times, it was easier for my kiddos to just toss their stuff anywhere, instead of in the drawers.

So we found an awesome new 5-drawer organizer.  This one not only has more drawers, but is much wider and allows for all of their stuff to actually fit in!  We love it and so far it has been kept pretty much the way I organized it.  Yay!

No more clutter on the side
Coloring books & crayons
Play-Doh tubs & tools
Notice my use of shoe boxes in several areas.  Sometimes you just need an organizer inside another organizer to contain smaller items or to separate some things.  I love repurposing shoe boxes when I organize... they are free, convenient and of course, it's great for the planet too :)

Don't you just love when you finish a big organizing project?  Sure makes me want to do a happy dance!