January Credit Card Debt Recap

It's time to start off a new year of paying off our credit card debt.  This year I'll continue to recap this on a monthly basis to make sure we stay focused. 

We had started 2011 with $13,402.24 of debt on two major credit cards, plus some more on store cards.  The store cards were paid off and then we went to work on the two major cards. 

Throughout last year we managed to pay off over $10,000 in credit card debt between the two major cards and the store cards.  We were left with $3,600 on one card to start off 2012.

At the beginning of January, our credit card totals looked like this:

CitiCard1 - $0
CitiCard2 (0%) - $3,600.00
Total - $3,600.00

And then at the end of January, our totals looked like this:

CitiCard1 - $0
Citicard2 (0%) - $3,500.00
Total - $3,500.00

So in January we paid off $100 in credit card debt.  We're getting there!  This month, a minimal amount went to paying off this credit card, as we were more focused on paying off our car loan early, so about $440 extra went towards that as an extra payment. We hope to have the remaining $2700 or so on the car loan paid off between now and March!

We are lucky to have a 0% interest rate on this card until November.  Our goal is to definitely have this card paid off in full before then. 

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