Feeling Unmotivated

Do you ever get into a funk where you're so unmotivated to do anything?

This entire week I've been dragging, not wanting to do anything around the house.  Laundry is piling up, dishes are getting behind, our Christmas decorations are only half put away.

I'm just not motivated to do much of anything.  It's weird because for the past few weeks, I've been doing really well with getting so much done around our house.  I've been decluttering and organizing and tackling big projects.  And now, nothing.

And the thing is, I'm not depressed about anything.  Nothing has me down and I'm certainly not sad.  Just unmotivated to get things done. 

It's driving me insane because I want to get things done.  And the disorder is getting to me.  But it's just not enough to actually pick me up and make me move, lol.

Hoping for a more productive week after the weekend!

Has this ever happened to you?  For no apparent reason, you just start letting things slide or you're just so unmotivated?