Decluttering our way to Disney

Have you ever stopped and looked around your home, only to wonder where all that stuff came from?  I do that all the time.  And I continue to find it crazy how much stuff has accumulated in our house over the past six years since we bought it. 

Over the past month we've been really focusing on decluttering our house.  We are by no means hoarders, but it still weighs me down to see how much crap we have that we don't need, don't use and probably never will.

I worked in our basement for several hours on several different days trying to declutter and organize.  I came up with 4 large bags of trash, several boxes for donations to Goodwill and our local library's book sale, and a few boxes for a yardsale in the spring.  It was exhausting work and there's still tons more to be done. Ugh.

On the bright side of it all, I managed to put together a selection of items that were worth trying to sell on Craigslist.  We had successfully sold just a few other things through Craigslist before, so I figured it was worth a shot.  It certainly would be nice to get rid of a bunch of stuff before we even have our yardsale, so that it was less that we had to lug around and it would be out of our house and taking up less space sooner than waiting for the spring.

And of course, the extra cash of selling a few items now, certainly is a plus!  With our vacation to Disney World coming up in two months, we're trying our best to save up some extra cash to take with us. 

We were lucky to have the money for our vacation itself and have paid for it completely already.  Also, we booked while they had the free meal plan, so most of our meals and some snacks will be covered.  But we still needed to save up the cash for other meals and snacks as well as souvenirs while we're there.  So that's where Craigslist is helping out!

I took pictures and wrote up detailed descriptions of about twelve or so items.  We've sold seven things so far, which I'm pretty darn happy with! 

What have we sold?  Let's see...

New winter coat - $20 (Son grew out of it before he could wear it)
Girls' holiday dress - $5 (Worn once, but I bought super cheap)
Boys' suit - $8 (Worn once, but I bought super cheap)
New inflatable ball pit - $20 (Gifted to us)
New pop-up play tent - $7 (We bought on clearance for $5!)
Jimmy Rollins bobblehead from a Phillies game giveaway - $25
Fisher Price ride on fire truck - $8 (We bought this used, over 2 years ago for $5!!!)

For a total of $93.  Not bad, considering there was hardly any effort involved!

I have a few more things listed and several more to photograph and list.  Hopefully we'll atleast sell a few more items over the next two months.

Now, obviously this isn't enough money to take on a vacation.  Don't we wish, ha!  Along with this cash earned, we've also been saving up some cash each week if we have a few dollars left over from our weekly spending.  Also, after Christmas I watched a friend's son for the week and earned a chunk of cash that went right into our savings for Disney.  Oh and we were kindly gifted several Disney gift cards for Christmas from some thoughtful family members. 

So, we should be set to take a great, first family vacation - without incurring any debt along the way!  I'd just like to sell a few more things to declutter and earn just a little bit more spending money to take with us.  And wow, we'll have a less cluttered home to come back to!

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Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I love to clean out areas and organize (mostly I enjoy getting rid of CLUTTER!). I hope you all enjoy Disney--my family LOVES disney!!!

Coupon Teacher said...

Nice job!!