Working on my free photo calender for 2012

Wow, have we been busy!  With Christmas in just a few short days and several projects going on around our house, I feel like I've been running around non-stop for the past few weeks.  Ok, so maybe that's because I really have been ;)

Anyway, I'm finally sitting down to start the process of getting my 2012 personalized calender ready.  I use our old calendar as a guide and transfer over all the important dates, birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. 

I also like to add in little picture icons, just to make the calendar more fun.  Then there's my favorite part, the photos!!  For each month, I add a picture of one or both of my kiddos or a family shot that was taken from that month of the previous year.  So throughout the year, whenever we look at the calendar, we see what our kiddos looked like exactly a year earlier, which is pretty cool.

For our calendar I always wait till Vistaprint is offering a free one, which they do pretty often.  But I also have to wait until we get through atleast part of December, so that I can have a picture for each month of the year. 

Right now Vistaprint has the free photo calendar offer, so I will go ahead and pick the design I want, enter all my important dates, icons and photos.  And all I'll pay is shipping, which really isn't bad at all... around five or six bucks.  Awesome really, for a fully personalized photo calendar. 

I've been doing this for maybe four years now and I love it!  At the end of each year, I save the old calendar to reference information or dates that I may need in the future.  It's helpful to look back and see when my kiddos had doctor appointments, etc.

My lovely photo calendar hangs on our bulletin board in our kitchen.  I have a pen hanging from a hook next to it, so at anytime I can jot down appointments and such without hunting for a pen. 

It has certainly come in handy and our calendar is fun to look at throughout the year.  My kiddos look forward to seeing each month's picture and at 3 and 5 years old, they are often surprised that they looked so different in the previous year's pictures!

So, what do you do to organize your family's appointments and activities?
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