September Credit Card Debt Recap

For the past nine months Hubby and I have tackled our credit card debts. We started the year with $13,402.24 of debt on two major credit cards. 

Through frugal tactics and cutbacks, an increase in income, transfers to new 0% interest cards and sheer determination, we've managed to slice our debt in half, and then some. Here's our recap for the month of September.

At the beginning of September, our credit card totals looked like this:

Chase 1 - $0
Chase 2 - $0
CitiCard1 - $1,800.00
CitiCard2 - $3,890.00
Total - $5,690.00

And then at the end of September, our totals looked like this:

Chase 1 - $0
Chase 2 - $0
CitiCard1 - $900.00
Citicard2 - $3,830.00

Total - $4,730.00

In the month of September, we paid off $960 in credit card debt!!!

I'm incredibly proud of our effort and our progress.  I really hope that our story can help inspire you.  If you're reading this and you have credit card debt hanging over you, please know that you can change that.  You can work on chipping it away, little by little, and soon enough you'll be making real progress.

Last year I thought all of this was impossible.  But now, I have a totally different outlook.  Not just on paying off debt, but on life in general.  Now that we've created a plan, worked at it steadily with commitment, and made such a huge difference, I feel like we can get through anything life throws at us.

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