August Credit Card Debt Recap

It's time for another recap on our credit card debt repayment.  As a refresher, Hubby and I started off 2011 with $13,402.24 in credit card debt.  This debt was spread onto two major credit cards.  We also had a small amount of additional debt on store credit cards and have since paid those off.

We've been incredibly motivated to keep paying these credit cards off, thanks, in part to a few great financial blogs I read regularly.  To keep up our motivation, to hold us accountable and possibly to inspire someone else, I've decided to blog our way through this. Here's a recap of how August went...

At the beginning of August, our credit card totals looked like this:

Chase 1 - $0
Chase 2 - $0
CitiCard1 - $2,980.00
CitiCard2 - $3,950.00
Total - $6,930.00

And then at the end of August, our totals looked like this:

Chase 1 - $0
Chase 2 - $0
CitiCard1 - $1,800.00
Citicard2 - $3,890.00

Total - $5,690.00

So, for the month of August, we paid off $1,240 in credit card debt. That's just amazing. 

I can hardly believe how far we've come in all of this.  It was only this time last year that I thought it would take forever to pay all of this off.  I knew that one day we'd have it paid off and behind us, but I never imagined it would go so quickly.  We've paid off $7,712.24 on these cards in the past eight months. I'm telling you, this is amazing to me.

September's debt recap coming up soon!

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Petula said...

Wow, you guys are doing a fabulous job!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Yay for knocking out debt!! My hubs and I are also working on knocking out debt!!

Mhar's Display said...

wow that's really amazing you manage your cards. Good job! My husband and I are working on ours :)


Whiney Momma said...

That's great! And it is good motivation to hear positive stories like this... hardly anyone ever admits to having debt, but most do. Keep up the good work!