Where are you most frugal?

These days many people are catching the frugal bug.  Money is tight, cost of living is up and most people need to stretch their dollars as far as they can make them go.

Each person has their own way of being frugal.  For some people, their whole lives revolve around being as frugal as possible, for others they may be frugal in a few areas, and yet for some, maybe they only make the occasional frugal choices.

Where do you fall in line?

I think I'm about somewhere in the middle - and I think that's probably a good place for my family to be.  We don't go all extreme and cut every corner we possibly can.  We don't make our own detergent, we have digital cable and we buy mostly new clothes, to name a few examples.

Of course, these non-frugal decisions are made possible by the other frugal decisions that we do make. 

We use cloth napkins for meals and old towels as rags for cleaning instead of using paper products.  We use regular dishes and hardly ever use paper plates, except when we're hosting a party with a large group. 

The avoidance of paper products is probably the area where we are most frugal.

What about you?  Where are you most frugal?

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The Crazy Candle Lady said...

I have to say I am the most frugal when it comes to clothes shopping. I just cannot pay full price for clothes. The prices are just crazy paying $30-$60 for a pair of pants no way.
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