Coupons: It never hurts to ask!

The other day I was planning on doing some shopping at Payless.  The kiddos needed some sandles since the warm weather is (much too slowly) approaching.

As you know, my motto is "Why pay more if you don't have to?" so of course I was hunting for coupons.  Then I remembered that I had received a Payless 20% off your entire purchase coupon in my email the other day.  (Always sign up for those email offers - you never know when they may come in handy!)

So I found the coupon and tried to print it.  But for some reason my printer wasn't finding the wireless connection to my computer. Argh, so frustrating.  I tried three times and couldn't get it to print.  So I left the house and went to Payless anyway.  I had a $5 off coupon in my purse and figured I'd use that if I had to, but since the 20% off would have been a much better offer, I was bummed.

I went in and found three pairs of shoes and a pack of socks for my kiddos.  I went up to the register where two employees were and politely told them of my situation with the email coupon that wouldn't print because my printer was acting wacky.  I asked if they'd honor the coupon since I obviously had it, just not on me. 

The women looked at each other, very uncertain, and basically told me no. I was surprised because I thought that since I was purchasing so much, that they could be kind enough to honor the coupon. They then suggested I find the coupon through my phone's email function. 

I was a little disappointed at that suggestion because I had my three year old with me, my hands full and now I was going to have to spend five minutes trying to find this thing on my phone.  Like most people, I get A LOT of email.  This was not going to be an easy task and I was upset that they were making me jump through hoops, but I kept my cool. 

As I was starting to log into my email account through my phone, one of the employees pointed out a sign on the counter.  It was about signing up for their text message sale and coupon alerts.  If you text'd them right then to sign up, it automatically text'd you back with the 20% off coupon. 

So I jumped through those hoops and finally got my coupon for 20% off my purchase.  It saved me $14.59 so obviously that was a much better deal than my $5 coupon, which I saved for another day since it doesn't expire until November.

Anyway, my point is this, if you don't have a coupon, ask a sales associate, they may be able to help you with an actual coupon or with a way to get more coupons.  If I hadn't asked, I would have missed out on the additional savings and future savings that I might get from the text alerts.