My super great Netflix deal

So we got Netflix.  And I LOVE it.  My kiddos love it.  We all love it. 

And we scored a super great deal when we signed up.  But the best part?  It's saving us money!!!

Ok, so a little background info.  We have Comcast cable and in an average month we were watching up to three or so pay movies On Demand.  Some months would go by and we'd watch just one movie or even sometimes no movies.  But most months it was around two movies.

Their movies cost anywhere from $2.99 - $9.99 per movie.  So on average we were spending about $10 a month in movies - and that's just for approximately two movies.  Sometimes it was less, but sometimes it was more.  Ugh.

We justified the cost because we don't go out often.  And we hardly ever go to the movie theater - maybe twice a year, if we're lucky.  And atleast one of those times it's to take the kids to a kid movie.  So yea, we considered this $10 a month our entertainment expense.

Anyway, I've heard people rave about Netflix for awhile, but I would think that's nice, but I can't justify spending even more on tube time.  Then I noticed the terrific deals if you signed up for Netflix through Swagbucks (the search engine that pays you to use it). 

Besides being a search engine, Swagbucks has other features you can use and you earn bucks through those as well.  One of those features is their Special Offers wall.  They have special and trial offers that you can complete and earn swagbucks for.  Normally I stay away from these kinds of things... unless it's something I'm really interested in trying out or purchasing.

Anyway, I saw that through PaymentWall on Swagbucks, we could sign up for Netflix and not only receive the first month free, but we'd also get 885 Swagbucks!!!  Incase you're not familiar with Swagbucks, this is enough to get almost $10 in Amazon gift cards.  (It costs 450 Swagbucks for $5... so 885 is just a few away from $10!!!)

Netflix costs $7.99 month to stream movies and tv shows through your wii.  You can watch as many as you want and it's only $7.99 a month.  Or you can pay $9.99 a month and get one DVD at a time mailed to you.  You watch it and pop it back into the prepaid mailer and send it back.  And you can do that as many times each month as you want. 

Anyway, so the point of this cost explanation is to show you how we're saving money.  Right now we've opted for the $7.99 plan.  And we've watched approximately 90 million movies so far.  Ok, so maybe not that many, but the kids basically don't watch regular tv anymore.  They use their tv time to watch Netflix movies & tv shows... so many they haven't seen before!  And Hubby and I have watched a few movies.

Also, our one month trial offer gives you the DVD option, even though we won't have that after our trial month is over.  So we've already had a DVD mailed to us and we've sent it back and we're now waiting for our next one.  (Note that not all movies are available to stream through the wii, some are just on DVD.)

So instead of spending an average of $10 a month to watch one or two movies On Demand, we're spending $8 a month to watch an unlimited number of movies through Netflix.  Good deal, right?  But then you factor in that we got a month free PLUS the $10 in Amazon gift cards, and it makes it a super great deal.

I was not paid to write about Netflix.  This is simply my experience and I loved it so much, I wanted to share.  The link to Swagbucks is my referral link, so if you sign up for Swagbucks through that link, I'll receive credit.  Thanks!

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