February Credit Card Debt Recap

And just like that, another month of debt slashing has gone by.  At the start of 2011, we had $13,402.24 in credit card debt.

At the beginning of February our credit card totals looked like this:

Chase 1 - $8,464.49
Chase 2 - $0
CitiCard - $3,573.25

Total - $12,037.74

And then at the end of February, our totals looked like this:

Chase 1 - $8,352.45
Chase 2 - $0
CitiCard - $3,518.25

Total - $11,870.70

So we're down $167.04 this month.  Certainly not as good as last month, for sure.  But we knew last month we had extra money to put towards our debt pay off and this month we were just scraping by and didn't pay much more than the minimums. 

With Hubby's new job, we went a week without a paycheck at the beginning of the month because of the way the pay weeks worked differently between his old and new jobs.  So that was hard to make up for.  Even though his salary is higher with his new job, a week without pay is still a week without pay.  And that hurts. 

Oh and also my brother got married this month so there were expenses involved with that.... my dress and jewelry and a gift. And my daughter was the flower girl so that involved added expenses for her dress, shoes, jewelry, and getting her hair done.

All that and it left us without the money for extra payments to our credit card debt.  I'm hoping March will be a better month... but then again we have my daughter's 5th birthday... which includes a family party as well as her first big party with friends invited.  We've been saving some money for this, so hopefully we'll have plenty for that AND for extra debt payments.

I know it sounds like I have a million excuses.  But you know what?  I guess that's life with one income, a mortgage, two kids, student loans, etc.  We're trying our best, without depriving ourselves too much, to get by with our bills and knock down this debt.  I can't wait to be free from it one day.  And to take a vacation to celebrate!

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