Monthly Credit Card Debt Totals

I've mentioned a few times that Hubby and I are working hard to lower and eventually pay off our credit card debts. This year we're trying to put extra effort into it so that we'll be in a much better place next year.

To hold myself accountable and to keep focused, I'm going to blog my way through this.  Maybe I'll even inspire one of you to take extra efforts to become debt free.

Anyway, I'd like to post our credit card debt totals as of the start of the year.  Then every month or so, I'll update the totals to reflect any payments made.  I'm hoping that at the end of the year, we'll be able to look back at our progress and celebrate how well we did.

As of January 1, 2011 our credit card debt looked like this:

Chase 1 - $8,575.64

Chase 2 - $1,199.35

CitiCard - $3,627.25

Total - $13,402.24

This includes the three major credit cards we have.  We have a few other store cards that we generally pay off every month (if they were used at all), so I won't include them in these totals.

Stay tuned for my January Credit Card Debt Recap to see what progress we made.  It was a really good month!