Remember that year when we cancelled Christmas?

Best Christmas of our lives.  I'm sure.

So, in an earlier post I had announced that we were cancelling Christmas this past year.  Well, not exactly cancelling Christmas, but cancelling the present exchanges (except for Santa's gifts to our two kiddos).  And you know what?  We actually followed through with our plan and it turned out okay.

It felt a little weird heading out the door to our usual Christmas get-togethers empty handed, but we got over it and enjoyed the great company we were in.  We kept in mind our ultimate goal of not increasing our credit card debt by buying a bunch of Christmas gifts for everyone that we couldn't afford. 

Luckily Santa still made a stop at our house so our kids (ages 4.5 and almost 3) had a nice Christmas.  Santa cut his budget in half this year, but the kids never noticed and thoroughly enjoyed the gifts they received.

In order to be able to have our Santa fund, we cashed in a huge load of change that we had been saving up all year and walked away with $100!!!  We also funded Santa through the Amazon gift cards I've earned through Swagbucks.

We managed to have a great Christmas without all the gifts.  And I'm super proud of us that we realized our situation and that we're taking actions to put ourselves in a much better place by this coming Christmas.

This year we'll be working kick-butt style to cut our debts down. I'd also like to start saving now, for this coming Christmas.  So hopefully, we can save up enough to buy gifts for our family without going further into debt.  One day we'll be debt free and budgeting for gifts will be much easier and then we'll be looking back and thinking about that one year when we cancelled Christmas and how it turned our lives around :)

How was your Christmas?  Were you able to keep within your budget?  Are you expecting large credit card bills or did you use cash?


Lisa B. said...

We cut Christmas about three years ago, we still exchange gifts but we do not spend but about 1/4 of what we used to. Swagbucks has been a godsend. Bought lots of christmas last year and this year from Amazon for FREE!

I passed an award on to you, the details are here: http://easyfrugalliving.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award-received.html

Anonymous said...

I got a $50 outback gc, $25 TGIF, $10 TGIF, $20 Applebee's and $25 Bob Evans and oh I forgot $50 Anderson all for free to give away, it was a great Christmas with free gift cards. I'm saving my swagbucks for something big!