I made $265 through Swagbucks last year

You know Swagbucks, right?  It's the search engine that pays you to use it.  And I earned a whopping $265 in Amazon.com gift cards just by using that search engine last year.  LOVE it!

That $265 sure helped to supplement our income.  We used those gift cards towards buying household necessities as well as Birthday and Christmas gifts.

Back in 2009, I had earned well over $300 from Swagbucks.  I think I made less this year because alot of my referrals capped out (You get up to 1000 Swagbucks for each referral.) and because of changes to the site where I seem to be getting fewer Swagbucks.

Either way, I'm still happy to earn this extra loot in my pocket!  I'm going to try and earn more this year and bring my total back up to that $300 mark.

Not a member of Swagbucks yet?  Kindly consider signing up using my referral link! It's completely free.

Once you become a member, you'll automatically receive 30 free Swagbucks just for joining.  This is a great way to get started earning.  Then you simply use the Swagbucks search engine for any internet searches you'd normally do.  You'll randomly be awarded Swagbucks, in various amounts, for some of your searches.

You can also earn additional Swagbucks by downloading their toolbar, viewing videos on their site, printing & redeeming coupons, taking surveys, answering the daily poll, and more.  Also special codes, called Swagcodes, are sometimes available and can be found on Twitter, on the Swagbucks blog, the Swagbucks widget or on the toolbar. 

You can also shop through their links and earn Swagbucks based on your spending.  Oh and you earn Swagbucks for each person you refer!

So you can see, there's lots of ways to earn Swagbucks.  You can do as few or as many of them as you like.  I only do about half of those things and earn quite a bit.  So the potential to earn even more is there.

What do you do with all those Swagbucks?  You redeem them for anything you like.  They have all kinds of prizes and gift cards, as well as PayPal cash.  My favorite is obviously the Amazon.com gift card :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing and I'm an avid swagbucker! I do have a few refferals, but none of them search! Do you buy anything ot just search? I find I earn about 2 $5 Amazon cards a month. Share more of your secrets please!

Brian D. Hawkins said...

I'm going to give it a try. I've heard of Swagbucks before but I thought you had to fill out surveys and offers and I worry about ad-ware. I'll use your affiliate link.