How many Swagbucks do you get daily?

A little while back I wrote about how I made $265 with Swagbucks last year.  All in Amazon.com gift cards.  All from using the Swagbucks search engine.  Easy money and I love it.

Anyway, I had earned over $300 the previous year and I've been hoping to get back up to atleast $300 this year, and hopefully earn even more.  So I decided to put some extra effort into it and use more of their features to earn more Swagbucks.

To see if my extra efforts are going to mean extra Swagbucks and in turn, extra gifts card earnings, I wanted to keep track of how many Swagbucks I was getting on a daily basis.  Oh, and how often I earn enough to cash out (450 swags for the $5 Amazon gift card)!

Did you know that your Swagbucks account has a ledger?  This ledger keeps track of each time you earn Swagbucks with the date, the method used to earn them, and how many Swagbucks you earned.  Just go to the Swagbucks homepage, click on View Account, click on My Swagbucks, and then Ledger.

So before my extra efforts, in a typical day I'd get approximately 30 Swagbucks.  Give or take a few depending on how many searches I did, how many referral bonuses I got, or if I happened to get any Swagcodes. 

So on December 15th, the Swagbucks I received were....

Having the Swagbucks Toolbar - 1
Searching the Web - 11
Answering the Daily Poll - 1
Viewing the NOSOs (No Obligation Special Offers) - 1
Searching the Web - 8
Searching the Web - 9

For a total of 31 Swagbucks.

And now that I've put in extra efforts, I'm receiving more daily Swagbucks.  So on January 22nd, the Swagbucks I received were....

Having the Swagbucks Toolbar - 1
Answering the Daily Poll - 1
Viewing the NOSOs (No Obligation Special Offers) - 1
Watching Swagbucks TV - 5
Searching the Web - 9
Referral Match - 8
Referral Match - 9
Referral Match - 9
Watching Swagbucks TV - 5
Searching the Web - 7

For a total of 55 Swagbucks. 

You'll notice that my referrals happened to be more active that day, so I got my extra Swagbucks for that but I've also advertised my referral link a bit more and actually got a few new referrals in the past two weeks.  I'm up to 99 referrals!  Who wants to be lucky number 100??? lol

Anyway, I also started watching Swagbucks TV, which is just videos on a variety of topics mixed in with commercials for various products and such.  And you receive 5 Swags each time you watch enough videos to fill up the meter on the site.

To earn Swagbucks, I also occasionally participate in a code hunt, where a code is hidden and they give out clues where to find it.  Sometimes I find a code on the Swagbucks blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.  That's about it.

I don't complete any of their special offers or trials to earn Swags, except I may do the Netflix trial one to earn 744 Swagbucks.  I also don't shop through their site to earn Swagbucks.  I usually shop through Ebates, Shop At Home or Mr. Rebates for cash cash back instead.  I haven't played any of their games to earn Swagbucks, but maybe I'll do that in the future. 

I'm now averaging 50-60 Swagbucks per day! So I anticipate being able to cash in much sooner, and more often, for my gift cards... I'm aiming for one per week!  We'll see if I can manage that!

I know there are Swagbucks users who don't use the site as often or don't have as many referrals to earn quite as much... but on the flip side, there are also many Swagbucks users that earn much more than I do because they do some of the other Swagbucks activities that I don't participate in or they have many more referrals than I do. 

That's what makes it such a great site, you decide how much you want to use it and exactly what you want to do or don't do.  Earn slowly or quickly.  Earn alittle or alot. Either way, you can earn. And that's what's important!

Do you use Swagbucks?  What ways do you use to earn Swagbucks?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great on average I get at least 30 bucks without really even trying, but I only have 7 refferrals and only 1 is active, you're really doing a great job, I still hope to get 2 $5 Amazon cards a month, any more would be gravy!

Anonymous said...

I roughly get about 125-140 swagbucks a day. Mostly from Swag Tv (I get the daily max(75)). Then add in the random times I get swagbucks from my searches (most the time it is 10-12 swagbucks but sometime I get 22 swagbuck for a search). I would like to do the tasks because they yeild a whopping 80 bucks when you finish (some are 100 swagbucks) but I did it once and it is so boring I never did it again. But I am thinking I should. Because I would like to get my average to 200 swagbuck a day.

Wow 99 referals, I wish I had referals xD I would easily get more swagbucks. Probably like 300 a day if I get a referal thats active.

I use my swagbucks for paypal giftcards (700 swagbucks). I have only recently (with in the last few days) started putting more effort into getting swagbucks. Before that I was only getting roughly 30-40 swagbucks a day. And only got 2 $5 paypal giftcards every month or so.

But your story has me thinking, if I can get my swagbucks rate up to 200 a day. That would give me $521 paypal dollars in a year. Or in your case, since you use the amazon giftcards, (which cost less it seems) $811 in a year. That sounds tempting, but unfortunately I have more use for paypal money because I use swagbucks paypal giftcards to get things off Ebay.

Anonymous said...

I have started playing 4 games a day, I've found that I get 2 swag bucks for playing 2 games under 'play for free' for the first 4 games... after that I've kept playing but not receiving more swagbucks. The games are pretty easy to lose so they aren't time intensive. I have no referrals, I get the daily 4, I win once, sometimes twice a day (7-12 sb ea), I get 4 from games, I get about 30/day on the days I watch the splash channel on SB TV. (usually under 1 min shows). So, maybe 40-50 or so sb a day. Obviously the swidget is great and i can pick up a few extra sb's if I check that a few times a day for codes.

Penguin Chef said...

Thats cool! I dont have any referrals, but I still manage to get 130-200 a day. (The daily four, the "bonus bucks", swagtv, searching, games, and tasks).
This is such a brilliant site! I wish I had found out about it sooner!!

Meghan said...

I make on average 90-95 swagbucks per day, using swagbucks tv. (use firefox add on "reload every" on a swagbucks video and leave your comp in hibernation overnight, because in the morining youll have 75 swagbucks) i also do the noso, daily poll, visit trusted surveys, and use the search engine...

bashscrazy said...

I average about 170 SB a day
but today I got 256! My highest yet! YEYE!

Anonymous said...

Wow Im Aimming high for the xbox 360 or 2 $100 amazon gift cards

Anonymous said...

Wow Im Aimming high for the xbox 360 or 2 $100 amazon gift cards

Cash Texts said...

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CieraLovesMusic said...

I know this isn't a necessarily new post but I thought I'd share. I make about 200-300 daily and yeah, SBTV helps a lot. For the event going on right now I've been getting even more daily because I get lost in the site trying to ensure I make the goals, and realize I've made almost 400 by the end of the day. My mom and sister quit getting on because they couldn't understand how to make more than a few a day and I urge everyone to just stick with it! It becomes second nature. By the way I started in November '11 and I've made over 20,000 swagbucks and over 200$, at the moment I have almost 5,000. Usually cash out 60$ or so in amazon every month but this time I'm getting both amazon and walmart codes :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the firefox add on tip, going to try that tonight. Also. you only get 3swagbucks for filling up the swagbar on swag tv.

Anonymous said...

I used the firefox add-on and I'm disappointed that I can't max watching Swagbucks tv because every 50 points that I get on the meter it brings me back to the tv channel menu:( any people out there that could help me with this problem??

men watches said...

Thanks for the firefox add on tip! it is great!

Anonymous said...
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