4 Years

So I've been writing this little old blog for four years now.  Wow, four years!

In that four years alot has changed...

~I went from mostly writing about sales and coupon codes to mostly writing about freebies.

~I changed the blog design several times and finally found one I'll stick with for awhile more.

~I started keeping track of my savings and earnings and posting totals weekly and yearly.

~I moved over from dot blogspot to my own domain.

~I opened a Facebook page for Tips & Treasures.

~I started using Twitter for Tips & Treasures.

~I learned alot about tweaking HTML for my blog.

~I joined Entrecard as a means for free blog advertising.

~And on a more personal note... my daughter was almost 10 months old when I started blogging... and now she'll be 5 years old in March.  And my son came along after my first year of blogging, and he turned 3 a week ago!

I've completely enjoyed blogging and being a part of the blogging community.  I've found so many blogs that I love reading daily.  They keep me in check, focused on my goals, and give me something to strive for.

For the year going forward, I have a few goals for this blog.  I discussed some of these before, so sorry if it sounds like a repeat for some of you. 

~I want to make this blog more about my personal frugal adventure through life.  I've started doing this a bit, and will continue. 

~In the near future I'll be posting my debt totals and our goals to pay it off.  As well as updates on how we're doing with it.

~This is more for me, but check it out if it interests you.  I put a link list on my sidebar (towards the bottom) of the books I've read so far this year.  Just want to keep track.

~I'm back to doing my Weekly Recaps of savings & earnings.  These numbers are fun to watch add up!

~I want to increase my readers.  Who doesn't? lol  I've lost alot of my daily readers from taking a blog break at the end of last year.  Got to make up for that, get back where I was and move forward.

~Increase Followers... through Google, Twitter and Facebook.  Find the links on the sidebar if you're interested!  Thanks :)

~Get around and comment on other blogs more often.  So many times I read great posts and I don't think to comment, but I know how much it means to the writer, so I'll work on that.

To my longtime readers, thanks for sticking around and following my frugal, money-saving journey.  To my newer readers or those just stopping by, thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you find something interesting to bring you back again :)