Ok, so I've been absent from this blog for a few months now.  I've missed blogging, but have kept myself busy trying to keep up with everyday life. 

My 4.5 year old started Pre-K this year.  So I'm busy shuttling her back and forth to school everyday.  Also, since she's never been in school or any type of daycare before, she's getting hit with all the germs and getting sick pretty often.  And in turn, she gets her brother (almost 3 yrs.), my husband and I all sick.  It hasn't been fun.

Also we've been busy with dance lessons, trying to catch up on household chores, planning for my brother's wedding in a few months, throwing a surprise bridal shower for his fiance, attending another bridal shower for her and dealing with my parents' health issues.

And to bore you even further... we've also been busy with my sister moving out of our house and my brother-in-law moving in.  We're like the family boarding house over here :)

Anyway, we've been busy.  The other reason I haven't been blogging is that our financial situation has changed a little.  Well, our income hasn't changed recently, but how we spend our income has changed. 

In short, we are desperately trying not to use our credit cards.  We're trying to pay off what we owe and be done with it.  We've never had late or missed payments or anything like that.  But I guess it could very easily happen if Hubby lost his job or was unable to work for some reason.  I hate having this debt hanging over us and I want to be in a much better financial position by this time next year.  It won't be all gone by then, but it should be much better.

So because of all this, we're spending less overall, we're using cash more often, and when we use our credit cards for a promotion or anything, we're paying off the balance right away.  So this leaves me with trouble blogging since many of my posts dealt with shopping, sales and good coupon codes.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to score the good deals and obviously that's really important when trying to work with a small budget.  But, I'm just shopping less and so less motivated to write about all that stuff.

At the start of the new year, I'd like to start blogging again.  But I want to take my blog in a new direction.  I will still focus on frugality, but I want to blog more about my personal frugal adventure.  I'd like to talk about how we're paying off our credit card debt.  Our progress.  Our failures. The things we've cut out.  The things we splurge on.  What we plan to do when our debts are paid off. 

I'll still blog about many of the frugal things I love and that you've come to expect here at Tips & Treasures.  Like freebies! And rebate offers, a few coupon codes/sales here and there, making money through surveys and trying products, the occasional product reviews and giveaways, and of course, saving money by using coupons, stockpiling and reusing/repurposing items.

Oh, and I'm bringing back my Weekly Recaps.  I always liked keeping track of my coupon savings total and my extra income earned through surveys, blogging, cash back sites, etc.  It's fun to see those totals at the end of the year. 

So I hope you'll be back to join me in a few weeks.  I've missed it here :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back! We all get in a rut, and you still have something good to share!

Lisa B. said...

We've missed you! Can't wait till your back regularly again.

Inspirational Thoughts said...

This was a brilliant write up, mate! I am glad you shared it here! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could tell us about your Christmas?