My Frugal Blogging Inspiration...

Wayyyyy back in 2006, shortly after my daughter was born in March, I started reading blogs.  I had never even heard of a blog until I stumbled upon one.  And I was hooked.  Hooked.

That one blog led me on to discover a whole list of blogs that I read daily.  Come on, what else was I supposed to do when my daughter was nursing 24/7.  Ok, it wasn't 24/7, but it sure seemed like it, lol.

Anyway one of the blogs that I thoroughly enjoyed was Mommy are the Toys on Sale?  It was one of the great blogs at ClubMom.  And it totally inspired me to start my own frugal living blog... and so Tips & Treasures was born in January of 2007!

ClubMom has since dissolved, but the blog's author, Sarah, has brought the Mommy are the Toys on Sale? blog back and I'm super excited to be reading it once again!

Not only am I loyal reader, but Sarah has invited me to blog over there as well!  Of course, I jumped on that opportunity and I hope you guys will check us out over there.  Seriously come on over, follow us on google or twitter, subscribe, or leave some comment love!

We're blogging about our frugal, money saving ways and we'll be giving you all kinds of tips to stretch your dollars and have more left over for the fun stuff in life.  We'll also be giving you lots of opportunities to request free high-value product coupons. 

Oh, and there'll be giveaways!!!  Gotta love giveaways!

Hope to see you guys there!