How quickly can I earn $200?

I'm setting myself a goal... and it seems a little scary.  I want to earn $200 in extra cash, and I want to see how quickly I can do it.

Just the other day Hubby's employer issued mandatory unpaid days off.  Essentially a paycut, packaged up in a 3-day weekend each month. 

Their hope was that the employees would be happy they had a long weekend to look forward to each month.  Yea great, except for when you're already stretched too thin from the previous paycuts.  All while the cost of living keeps increasing. (Yes, I'm bitter.)

Anyway, in an effort not to dwell on how much this sucks, I'm trying to kick myself in the butt to see how much extra money I can earn.  Yea, this is in addition to what I already earn through this blog, taking paid surveys, and my various other ways of earning online.

So I'm setting a goal of $200, which certainly doesn't come close to the money we're losing, but hey, it's a start.  Hopefully I can reach my goal... and get on to setting a new one soon enough.

How do I plan on earning $200?  Well considering that I'm a stay at home mom to my two year old and four year old, I don't have a whole lot of options.  My degrees in Psychology and in Marketing, as well as my Elementary Ed. background, won't do me too much good at the moment. 

Tomorrow I'll post my plan, as it stands so far.  I know you'll all be desperately waiting for the details...


Anonymous said...

I suggest cutting cable to bare minimum (if you have it) Hangging out clothes to dry, I'm sure you do at least 6 loads or more, this would equal at least $20 per month, cutting down on the air conditioning, turn up 2 degrees, maybe taking in a third kiddo one or 2 days a week? Changing cell phone packages (i'm not sure, I don't have one). If you have credit cards ask for the rates to be reduced. I'm sure you coupon well, so no tips here. Try to cut on everything, use half the amount of shampoo, detergent, dishsoap. Of course cut going out to eat, I admit its my biggest budget killer, good luck!

Mary said...

Thanks for all the tips!

Our problem is, that we already do all of these things... we've learned to live on alot less than most of our family/friends.

So it leaves us not being able to cut back much more... atleast not without feeling like we were giving up too much. Obviously, if we were really having money trouble, we'd quickly give up the few luxuries we have left... like going out to eat occasionally.

I feel like, as long as we can afford them, we deserve those little luxuries... especially since we've only vacationed once... on our honeymoon 5 years ago, lol.

John | English Wilderness said...

I would suggest finding a product and starting an online shop. That's exactly what I've done and you'd be surprised how easy it is. I spent £150 to set up and made a profit in the first month. Feel free to contact me if you need any help :-)

LittlePeopleWealth said...

What a great challenge :) Are you counting money that you earn off your blog?

Mary said...

Little People,

For this challenge, I'm just trying to earn extra money that I wasn't already making, so I won't be counting my blogging income. And either way, my blogging income is minimal.