$1.00 off any TRESemme Freshstart Hair Product

Have you tried these products yet?  I believe they are new, as I've never heard of anything like them before.

TRESemme has come out with their Freshstart hair product line. They claim they hold "the secret to clean, fresh-feeling hair - even on days you don't shampoo."

That sounds fascinating to me as a mom, since sometimes showering seems like a much longed-for luxury.

Anyway, I came across this coupon for $1.00 off any one TRESemme Freshstart product and I figured I'd share it with you.  You know, in case you haven't showered today either :)

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bestmommy said...

I sure could have used this product today. I was waiting for the refrigerator repairman so I postponed my morning shower since he was supposed to be here between 8am-10am....well you know how that goes...he didn't show up until 3:30pm!
P.S. Thanks for following my blog about shopping for free at amazon.