New Pampers Gifts to Grow 10 point code!

I've been slacking lately in my hunt for Pamper's and Huggies points for their rewards programs.  With all this nice weather, my deal hunting, coupon finding, survey taking, etc., all took a backseat to enjoying spring with my kiddos. 

So anyway, I'm trying to get back into my frugal, deal hunting mode, and I was super happy to find a new 10 point Pamper's Gifts to Grow code!

The code is: getstartednow10

In case you're not familiar with this rewards program, Pamper's has unique codes on each of their diaper and wipes products.  You can also get other codes on Facebook and elsewhere around the net.

Codes are worth various amount of points and points can be redeemed for great prizes with free shipping! I've redeemed for several toys and used them as birthday gifts in the past. Gotta love that!