All You magazine: Just $0.70 an issue!!!

Yay, I love my All You magazine.  Now, I usually only subscribe to magazines when I can get them for $5 or less, or even free.  But for All You, I certainly make an exception.

If you are unfamiliar with this magazine, it is great and you will want to check it out.  Not only does it have great articles and inspiring ideas, but it also contains tons of coupons. 

And not just any old coupons either, they are almost always higher value coupons that you don't find anywhere else.  Also, I have found several coupons for free products, so even better.

Anyway, this magazine doesn't get knocked down in price, like other subscriptions do.  So I end up paying more for it.  But it's totally worth it to me because the coupons inside are much more valuable.

So... about the subscription deal.  You can get 40 issues of All You magazine for $28!  So a subscription for over three years at only $0.70 an issue.  That's an incredible deal and that's why I just renewed mine that was about to expire in June.

Check out Money Saving Mom for all the details about this great deal.  It's offered till 3/15/10.