Thrifty Thursday: Saving money on kids' pajamas

I have a confession to make... I never buy pajamas that actually fit my kids.  Horrible mom, right?

Not exactly.  But I AM a Thrifty Mom.  See, this is how I save big bucks on my kids' pajamas. (By the way, my kids are 2 and almost 4.)

Pajamas are just something worn around the house and I'm not willing to blow a whole lot of money on them.  But I don't want to buy the el cheapo pajamas either.  Because those always shrink up right away, or stains don't come out of their cheap fabrics, or they lose their shape too quickly, or they simply fall apart.  Really, don't waste your money on cheap clothes.  It's SO not worth it.

Anyway, my secret to saving money on pajamas is to buy them in the next size up from what they currently wear. That way my kids can wear those pajamas when they are alittle too big, when they fit just right and then when they are just a little too small. 

This works perfectly for us since they are just worn around the house so it's no big deal to have the wasteband folded over, the bottoms cuffed or if the pants are just a tad short.  Oh, and we hardly ever buy any footed pj's because the kids just grow out of their length wayyyy to quickly.

You may be wondering what we do when the seasons change.  Well, with having the AC on in the summer, it's almost the same temperature indoors as it is in the winter, so it doesn't make much of a difference.  But another thing we do is to swap out the tops and bottoms with others. 

So we might take winter long sleeve and pants pjs and swap out the shirt for a short sleeved one we have laying around for the summer.  And of course, it works the other way and we can swap out summer shorts for long pants in the winter.

Also, even without swaping out the pajama pieces, the kids still get to wear each set of pajamas for two winters or two summers since they are bought a size up.

This has saved us a huge amount of money.  But not only does it save us money, but it saves us from buying so many pairs of pajamas and therefore saves the planet's resources.  Love it!

One of the key factors in making this work is buying a quality pair of pajamas and not junk.  Just about all of my kids' pajamas comes from Kohl's.  They are mostly the Carter's brand and they really hold up well.  But I always buy them on clearance at the end of the season, and I always have a coupon to make them cheaper, so I'm not spending alot.

Oh, and another perk to buying quality-made pajamas (and other clothes, for that matter) is that you can easily resell them since they hold up so much better and then you can make some of your money back!

Find more thrifty ideas at the Coupon Teacher who is hosting Thrifty Thursday!

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Robin said...

I hit up my local thrift shop for knit shorts and t-shirts in contrasting colors for our PJs. Since the clothes were used they felt softer and the kids liked them better than the scratchy polyester ones at the store.(These did not meet fire-resistant standards for kids sleepwear. I never worried about it but I know some people do.)

Coupon Teacher said...

Great ideas for those with kids!

Tips on saving money said...

Great post. It will surly help to save money.