2009 Savings/Earnings Recap

How much extra money did you earn in 2009?  How much did you save?  Have you kept track?  I don't know about you, but I find it fascinating.  Really, I LOVE knowing that when I'm focusing on stretching our dollars and even earning a few more online, it's really making a difference and an impact on our lives.

I wanted to put together this little year-end recap so I could see what I earned in various categories, where I should focus more, and to show you that you really can earn money from these methods. 

So, here we go with it....

For the year of 2009, I saved $2,658.29 simply by using coupons.  These are coupons used for groceries and any other shopping or food purchases.  Nobody can tell me that saving $0.50 on a package of crackers doesn't add up.  I KNOW it does.  It adds up to over $2,600 PER YEAR!!! 

I don't know about you but I'd much rather take the time and effort to use coupons when I shop, save myself the $2,600 and use that for stuff I really enjoy... like taking the kids to the shore, boardwalk, zoo, indoor play places, going out to dinner with Hubby and buying new clothes.

Anyway... enough about savings.  You get the point.  Using coupons when you shop = GOOD.

As for earnings... In 2009, my earnings were $2,647.41.  Almost the same amount as I saved with the coupons.  Weird.  Anyway, these earnings come from blogging income (which is hardly anything), taking surveys online, reading emails, viewing ads, gift cards won in contests, rebates, credit card rewards, and using Swagbucks (which is my FAVORITE way to earn!).

I'll break it down a bit.

* By taking surveys through various survey companies (which you can find here), I made $523.75 in 2009!

* Viewing advertisements for YouData, I made $19.43 in 2009. (A few cents at a time it trickles in, but it only takes a few seconds to do!)

* From using the Swagbucks search engine, I made $395 in 2009!!!  Just from doing normal everyday searches!  And extras from my referral matches. 

* I also made $205.64 from shopping cash back through Ebates and Mr.Rebates.  This also includes some referral income.

The rest of my earnings were from affiliate income, rebates, credit card rewards, etc.  YOU can do all of these things as well!  They are all free to join and easy to do.

Of course, I'm not getting rich from this, but it's nice to bring in little bits of money here and there... either through cash or earned gift cards. 

Most of this money is used to purchase gifts for birthdays and Christmas.  And some is used for necessary household purchases or things we just have to have but don't want to waste money from our regular budget for them.

As for this coming year... of course I'd like to earn more and save more.  Not sure if I can really use coupons MORE than we already do... but we'll see. 

As for earning, I'd like to earn more through Swagbucks by increasing my referrals. I also want to blog more frequently to increase readership, and this will increase my blogging income from affiliate ads and such.  I'd also like to spend more time earning through sites like Cash Crate and Quick Rewards.

Another thing I want to do for 2010, is to keep a spreadsheet of all my earnings.  This way at the end of the year I can see exactly how much I earned in each category and it would already be broken down for me.  This year I didn't do that and just kept track in my Weekly Recaps.  But then I had to manually go in and add up the earnings from each one.

So I hope to be more organized for 2010.  Why not keep track of your own earnings and savings along with me?  It really is beneficial to see what's working for you.


dawn hild said...

I'm with you... all the little bits and pieces add up!!
Job well done!!!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Way to go! I'm keeping track this year too - I can already see it starting to add so I am excited!