15 and counting...

Ok, so I finally jumped on board and signed up with Twitter a little while ago. 

I'm trying to keep that updated with some of my blog posts as well as some exclusive links that don't get posted on my blog.  (Right now you can find a link to a great pen freebie on my Twitter page!

I do this because sometimes I don't have the time to type up a whole blog post, but it's quick and convenient to post something on Twitter.  That way I can always keep you guys up to date on freebies, coupons and great deals.

On my sidebar, you'll notice my Twitter updater that always shows my latest tweet.  You can click through to check out my Twitter page as well.

So, like I said, I haven't been on Twitter long and I'm actually only following a few people, but I'm gradually adding more! 

So if you use Twitter, consider following me so you don't miss out on any good stuff.  You know, it's kinda depressing to see that I only have 15 followers... let's get those numbers up!  Please?