Swag Code Alert!

Did you get the latest Swagbucks newsletter?

Mine just popped into my inbox a few minutes ago and I wanted to be sure you checked for it.  As you know, there is always a sweet surprise at the end of each newsletter!

Not receiving the Swagbucks newsletter?  Sign up by clicking the newsletter link on the left side of their homepage.  The newsletters contain the latest Swag news as well as swagcodes!

By the way... since we are talking about swagcode alerts... have you noticed my new Swagbucks widget on my sidebar?  Scroll down a bit and you will see it with the heading "Search & Win." 

I loooove this new widget because it will flash "Code Alert" whenever there is a new code out!  Then it will give a little clue so you know where that code can be found.  Such a handy little gadget! 

Just the other day there was a code out that was only available for 15 minutes and it was worth 3 swags.  I happened to see the "Code Alert" on that widget on my site and was lucky enough to grab the code just as the last few seconds of time were ticking by.

So be sure to check that widget whenever you stop by.  You wouldn't wanna miss out on free swagbucks!

New to Swagbucks?  Sign up here.  It's free.  And you'll earn free gift cards and other things just for using their search engine.

Search & Win

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Mommy Kennedy said...

I love Swagbucks too!

I always use mine to get my FREE Starbucks gift cards!