Ditching the disposables

So we've been making a real effort to stitch to natural cleaners for our home.  Many of them clean just as well as our old cleaners, but without all the nasty chemicals that are no good for us or our water supplies.

And at the same time, we've also been trying to limit our use of disposable products.  Paper towels we hardly ever use.  We just keep them around for the nasty clean-ups, like dog messes or puke and such. 

We use rags for cleaning, dusting and wiping up spills.  We use washcloths for wiping the kids' faces, hands and tables after meals.  We use cloth napkins for our meals.  And we only use paper plates or paper napkins if we're having a big barbeque or party.

But the one area where we've still been using the disposables is with the Swiffer.  I LOVE the Swiffer.  But I did not love the waste of those refill cleaning pads. 

We just got new laminate flooring in our kitchen, living room and hall.  This calls for alot more swiffering than before.  And in turn, alot more of those refills were needed.  It would have resulted in alot more trash waste and alot more cash wasted.

Sooo... I searched for a solution.  On Etsy (love that site!) I found some great reusable cleaning pads that fit right onto my Swiffer!  They pick up dirt, hair and dust just like the Swiffer pads do.  But when we're done cleaning, we take the pad off and toss it in the laundry. 

Oh and they were very reasonably priced.  I paid $8.00 for a set of two!  Sooo much cheaper than buying boxes of disposables since these can be used again and again.

I worried about how well they would work and how well they would wash up.  But really, they fit on the Swiffer just right and they work soooo well.  And they wash up perfectly.  I'm really pleased with them.

And really pleased that we're ditching the disposables and keeping the cash in our pockets.

*I did not receive any compensation for this post. Just wanted to share this since I was so happy with it!