Magazine subscriptions under $5.00

Magazine subscriptions make a great gift idea and of course it's an even better idea when you can snag them for less than $5.00!

This week is a hot one for Best Deal Magazines and their 1-year subscription specials. Now through 11/29/09 you can get...

Shape for just $3.75 (coupon code: SHAPE20)

Motor Trend for just $3.75 (coupon code: MT20)

They also have daily specials. These are just $4.29 and you can take an additional 15% off when you use coupon code: PXSS1129. The daily specials are...

11/16... Family Circle

11/17... Fitness

11/18... Automobile

11/19... Harper's Bazaar

11/20... Marie Claire

These coupon codes are all valid through 11/29/09. The 15% off code is also valid on most other magazines on their site as well. Check em out!

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