Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle for less than $50!!!

I was so super excited to find this deal! You can snag Guitar Hero 5 with the Guitar Bundle for less than $50, including shipping!  Super deal!

Here's the deal...

HERE you'll find the Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle for Playstation 2 priced at $88.99.  (If you're looking for it in the other formats, they are $98.99.)

You'll notice there is a special promotion on this where you will get a $40 credit back in your account within 2 days of purchase.  This is like getting a $40 store credit to use on any future purchase.

This credit is automatic and there is no need to submit any rebate paperwork or anything!  Soooo easy!

This brings your total cost from $88.99 to $48.99 for the Playstation 2 version or from $98.99 to $58.99 for the other versions.

Oh, and they ship for FREE!  Like icing on the cake, really.