Triple points for Pampers wipes!

Do you use Pampers diapers and/or wipes? If so, I hope you are taking advantage of their Gifts to Grow rewards program.

If you are collecting points to redeem for free gifts through their program, you will be happy to know that you can collect triple points for all of your Pampers wipes purchases!

Just enter your wipe codes as usual, and they will automatically credit you with three times as many points!

These triple point bonuses will only run through 11/5/09.


Anonymous said...

I rushed to buy last minute wipes to get my triple points but they didn't register triple on 11/5/09. I bought tons too.. thinking it was worth stocking up. I was wrong.

Kookaburra said...

Anon - I'm not sure why your triple points didn't post. Mine have been posting just fine each time I enter them. You should contact them with the issue.

Also, I would never recommend going out of your way, or paying more just to get the points. I see the points simply as a bonus for things I need to buy anyway.