This is how Lowe's wants to leave my kitchen floor for the week...

Looks charming, right? This is what happens when Lowe's Home Improvement sells you boxes of damaged flooring. Three times. Seriously.

We originally special ordered 19 boxes of flooring from Lowe's.

Two of which arrived at the store damaged.

Ordered two more.

Lowe's delivered the 19 boxes of flooring to our house.

Three of them arrived damaged.

Ordered three more.

They wanted us to pick them up.... even though we PAID FOR DELIVERY.

The three boxes were delivered to our house.

Flooring guys work on the floor for a day and a half, only to find out we don't have enough flooring because TWO MORE BOXES HAD UNKNOWINGLY BEEN DAMAGED in shipping.

Seriously, I can't even begin to make this stuff up.

Now Lowe's tells us they won't have the two replacement boxes till Friday.


They can't overnight it?

No. Friday.

So we're supposed to keep our partially unfinished floor, in the busiest part of our house, just like this until Friday.

Without damaging the ends where it's unfinished.

In a household of five people, including two small children.

Nevermind the list of a million other things gone wrong with this Lowe's flooring install.

Like Lowe's not ordering our correct moulding, them delivering half the wrong moulding... unrelated to the wrong order, the install guys arriving late and leaving early yesterday, and then spending half the day on the phone today.

Nevermind all of that.

But this is what I'm supposed to deal with for the next several days.

And even though the flooring will supposedly be in on Friday, who's to say it WON'T ARRIVE DAMAGED???

And Hubby already took two days off of work for the job that should have only been two days.

And Saturday we will be away for the day.

So in actuality, our kitchen floor will be like this till atleast Sunday.

At the earliest.

And I'm supposed to accept that level of service after I've paid all this money?

No thanks.


(By the way, regular blogging will continue when I am relieved of this major headache.


Ann said...

That is insane that they had that many come in damaged. I think I would be going through the roof right about now. Have they offered to do anything to compensate for the lousy service?

Heather said...

I feel so sorry for your situation. My husband and I are also doing some home repairs/upgrades, and I know how expensive this is! It feels really bad to know that you are spending the money that we work so hard to save with couponing/rebates/freebies, etc... and we are not getting the service that has been paid for.
You should certainly contact the customer service department. Include your photos in the email to them. I would imagine that some sort of compensation.....at least for a future purchase would be given.

Buggys said...

Oh no, no, no. I wouldn't be at all happy! As I know you aren't. I would definitely be looking for some sort of compensation. Has this product been discontinued? Maybe they should can it if they can't manage to get it shipped without damage.

Lynne said...

That's awful! I'm shocked that you've been dealing with this, I thought more highly of Lowes. Have you spoken to the store manager? If that doesn't help, I'd be getting a phone number for the district manager. This is truly unacceptable.

Kookaburra said...

Thanks everyone, for your support. This whole process has just been one major pain.

We've called the store, spoken with five or so different people and no one seems to want to help.
We've also been told a million times that they would call us back and it NEVER happens.

We even went into the store and talked with one of the assistant managers. He was no help.

We finally got ahold of the store manager again today. He looked up our account and saw how much business we've done with Lowe's in the past. It's been ALOT (and we've always had problems with them, although never this bad).

He has agreed to have the flooring overnighted to the store and it should be there and be delivered here tomorrow. Too bad this wasn't done two days ago.

Oh and he also offered some compensation for everything we've been through. We'll see how that plays out.

So we're dealing with our unfinished floor, trying to not let it get damaged, and hoping the new boxes arrive undamaged...

Auntie E said...

I would demand my delivery money back or some kind of refund. that is totally unacceptable. Hubby would be down their necks for sure.

Mommy Kennedy said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I wouldn't handle this well at all!

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

Sounds like what happened with me & Rooms to Go. The first delivery arrived damaged. Then the replacement order was damaged, albeit not as much. Even the delivery men told me it happened all the time because they mass produce so many and make the furniture so cheap. I said I'd never buy RTG ever again.

Could they have picked a worse area in your kitchen to stop? That's crumb city right there, the place where everything on your cabinet makes it off the cabinet, and some of the things in the sink as well.

I hope this batch comes in better for you.