Yard Sale Prep

There's nothing worse than having a yard sale and not making any money. I mean, you wouldn't want to go through the trouble of laying out all of your old stuff, for the world to see, and then you simply have no customers or no buyers.

I'm getting ready for a yard sale on Saturday. Luckily it's a community yard sale at our library. So they've already done the advertising. They have this yearly and it's always a huge turnout so we know we'll easily make back the $20 we spent for the 2 spaces.

We have TONS of stuff to sell. With two kids, we have plenty of old clothes, shoes, toys and books to get rid off. We're not having any more kids, so we can finally say good bye to so many baby things. So excited about that one!

Anyway, as I'm prepping for this yard sale, I wanted to offer up a few tips for anyone who might be considering holding a yard sale in the future.

1. Advertise well. This can include signs around the neighborhood, an ad in the newspaper, an ad on craigslist.

2. Price your items. Nothing annoys me more than yard sales without prices. I don't like asking what each and every item costs. I also wouldn't want to be having all my customers constantly asking me for prices.

3. Price your items REASONABLY. You don't have to go super-cheap. But also try to detach your sentimental side and align yourself to your reasonable side. Don't go too high. What would you pay for each item if you were the customer? What condition is the item in? Also, you can price a little higher and leave room for negotiations if you choose to. Just keep in mind, people tend to walk away if they see all of your items are priced too high.

4. Wipe off the dust. Don't spend forever cleaning every single item to a shine, but it is nice to wipe away the dust or wash clothing before you sell it. I've been to too many yard sales to count where things have been unreasonably dirty and I wouldn't even want to touch them, let alone buy them.

5. Bigger yard sales = more customers. I don't even stop the car when I see a yard sale with one measly table out front. Find more stuff to sell or try combining with a friend.

6. Have plenty of change. Some people will have small bills and loose change. MOST people will come with $20 bills and will buy items for $2 or less. Be prepared for it.

Well, that's what I can think of for now. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments!

I'll update you guys after the yard sale and let you know how we did!

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Roschelle said...

We used to have yard sales all the time when I was a kid. Your tips are right on the money. They were so much fun. Hope you guys have a big turn out and make loads of moolah!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestions! Some other things I try to do is keep a handful of TEST batteries that you can pop in if someone asks if something works and pop back out if they buy the item. Also, run an extention cord outside so people can try anything that needs to be pluged in.

John Tedder said...

They are all good yard sale tips. You might want to add, don't be offended when someone says, "will you take a quarter for that?"