Sorry about the lack of posts over the past two weeks. My laptop decided to be a major pain in the a**. Turns out it needs a new hard drive. So the Best Buy Geek Squad has jumped right on that and they are repairing it in the ever-so-timely manner that they are known for.

I've been without my laptop for going on 2 weeks now. And I'm SURE that it'll be back any day now. RIGHT.

Anyway, I'm stuck using Hubby's laptop, which is super slooooow compared to mine. It takes forever just to get through my email each day. Forget trying to blog, shop or drop Entrecards.

It's been frustrating, but I'm just glad that this hard drive isn't costing me anything (Except I had to pay $16 shipping for the Operating System disks.... why???? I don't get it. They didn't come with the laptop. Apparently I was supposed to make my own. Who knew? Anyway I think it's a sack of crap that I have to pay $16 in shipping to get these disks so the Geek Squad can put them on my laptop. Why does it cost $16 to mail something through USPS anyway??? Not sure. Sent through the regular mail, nothing special. Hmmmmmm sounds like a major SCAM to me. Anyway...) to get replaced because I have the extended warranty on it.

As I always say, make sure you always, always, always get the extended warranty on laptops. Believe me, you will use it, and probably more than once.

Soooo.... I will try to get a few things posted, but it will be light until my laptop is shipped back to me.


Chef Eureka said...

I hate experiencing technical malfunctions. Always makes me irritable :)

Small Footprints said...

I think there are gremlins about ... I've heard from so many people that they are having troubles with their computers. It's a devious plot, I tell you! lol

Hope you'll be back in good working order soon!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Vicki said...

I must agree that the only thing I really consider the extended warranty for is the computer. Never fails you will use it.