How to become a product tester...

Lately I've been busy testing tons of products for various companies. And I LOVE it.

I love trying new products, whether they are beauty products or cleaners or toys. I like that I can voice my opinion and have some influence over them.

And of course, I love that I get to keep almost everything that I test! Oh, and I'm usually compensated for my time as well.

Would you like to start testing products too?

A great place to get started is with survey companies. Many of the offers I receive for testing products come through the various survey companies that I belong to.

Usually I do a survey for a product and if I'm chosen, they send me the product to try out for a week or so. Then I'll be sent a second, longer survey that asks me specific questions about the product and my satisfaction with it.

Most times I get to keep the product afterwards. So far, there's just been one time that I had to send the remainder of a product back when the testing was complete.

I usually receive compensation for each product testing as well.... about $2-$10 or so... except the one I'm currently working on will be $35!

Interested in signing up with the survey companies that I work with?

Check out my left sidebar. There's a great list of reliable survey companies. (If you're reading this in a feed, click here to view the list.) They cost nothing to you, and in fact, you'll earn money! I've been using each of these for quite some time now so I know they are all ones you can trust.

Want more options for testing products? Some other great companies that do product testing are VocalPoint and BzzAgent.