Did someone say FREE FOOD???

I love that my kids are growing up (they are 3 and 1.5) and can eat whatever we eat now. I'm sooooo glad to be done with the nursing and the bottles and the baby cereals and whatnot.

But.... I'm not so much in love with the cost of taking them out to dinner. Considering kid's meals are atleast $5.99 or so, it can get pricey.

Luckily my kids are little and don't eat as much and the restraunts' portion sizes are large. Oh and they share some of Mommy & Daddy's meals. So right now we still get away with buying one kid's meal and they split it.

Anyway, what is better than making a meal cheaper by sharing it? How about getting free meals for your kiddos?

IHOP is offering free kid's meals to kids 12 and under!!! You can get 1 free kid's meal with each adult entree purchase. This promo is valid from 4-10pm every day!

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Vicki said...

I love KEF nights! My babies aren't quite there yet, but I am a former restaurant manager, and they were my favorite nights, kids used to call me the sticker lady because I would go around handing out stickers.