$27 in Target baby coupons!

Looking to stock up on a few baby or toddler items? If so, you'll surely want these handy dandy coupons. They are worth $27!

Target is offering a nice selection of printable coupons for baby and toddler things. Some of which are diapers, formula, diaper rash cream, sippy cups, bath products and snacks.

Print your coupons here.

These coupons are good through 9/5/09. And remember that Target coupons CAN be combined with manufacturer coupons for an even greater savings!!!

Thanks so much to Mom Saves Money for the heads up!


Coupons Indianapolis said...

These are the great coupons to save the money......

Nicole said...

Thanks for the link! I love the Target coupons - you can save so much money stacking the coupons.