What happened?

Sorry, I've been on a bit of an unexpected blogging break. I think I've posted twice in the past 2 weeks. And those have only been my Weekly Recaps of savings and earnings. Oops.

I've been quite busy with my two little ones. My youngest at a year and a half has really taken a liking to climbing. So I now spend half the day chasing after him and pulling him down from standing and jumping on the furniture. It doesn't help that my 3 year old encourages him greatly.

Oh, and I've also been quite busy with surveys. Any other online survey takers getting a large amount of surveys in their inbox lately? They seem to come in a never ending train. Of course, I don't need to complete each and every one, but I'm trying to do as many as possible to earn more cash because I'm trying to pay down debts and beef up our savings.

I'm working hard at that, not only because we need to, but also because I really want to move. And of course, moving costs money. And this is not any old move. We're talking from NJ to possibly GA, SC or NC. We'll see. So I've also been spending way too much time browsing real estate in each of those areas.

During my little blogging break I also took a little weekend trip to the shore. We had an awesome time and the kids LOVED playing on the beach. The next time you're at the beach with little ones, I highly recommend this...

Dig a giganto whole in the sand, just deep enough so that the water comes up from the ground. It keeps the kids contained and thoroughly entertained. They splashed around in there for HOURS... two days in a row!

Ohhh, and another reason for my absence. I joined PaperBack Swap and I LOVE it. I'm getting rid of old books that were laying around and collecting dust and I've gotten some great books to read in return.

So I've been hiding behind a few books and only occasionally peeking up at the computer to look at just a few more houses... and maybe throwing some toys and/or food towards the kids in the hopes that they'll let me keep reading for just a bit more.

Ok, so wow. Yea that's alot of excuses. And I can keep throwing them out there. Like about how my kids both came down with the coxsackie virus and were horribly weak and feverish for a few days. Thankfully, they seem to be over it and are back to their usual wild selves.

Anyway, I'll be getting back into regular posting. Sorry to be gone so long and sorry for this very long-winded explanation.

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